Primary care the way it should be.

Discover Direct Primary Care in Charlottesville!

Are you seeking personalized, patient-centered healthcare in the heart of Blue Ridge country? Look no further than Free Range Direct Primary Care, the innovative approach to family medicine that puts YOU first.

Located right here in Charlottesville, Dr. Johnson is committed to providing comprehensive primary care services without the hassles of traditional insurance.

With Direct Primary Care, you'll enjoy:
✅ Unlimited visits and extended appointment times 
✅ Access to your personal physician via phone, text, or virtual visits
✅ Same-day or next-day appointments for your convenience 
✅ Transparent, affordable pricing with no surprise bills

Whether you need preventive care, management of chronic conditions, or simply peace of mind knowing your health is in good hands, our board-certified physician, Dr. Johnson, is here to support you every step of the way.

Join the growing community of satisfied patients who have chosen Free Range Direct Primary Care in Charlottesville for their healthcare needs. Experience the difference personalized medicine can make!

Take control of your health

Our Direct Primary Care model allows for a personalized, yet affordable, primary care experience that places you in charge of your own health.

See YOUR doctor who knows YOU

Tired of being bounced around between multiple providers at your current doctor’s practice? Come join us and see how having a relationship with your direct primary care physician can make a difference in the care you receive.

Book Your Next Appointment Easily With Our Online Scheduler

Preventative Healthcare

Need a check-up or a physical? Taking a proactive approach and focusing on prevention can help identify and address potential health issues before they become serious problems. Come see us for your next check-up and let us help you get on a path to a healthier life!

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